Real Estate Law

New York Real Estate Law Attorney

In many important aspects, the New York real estate market is unique from other real estate markets. As a lifelong resident of New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens), attorney Andrew Loeb has a deep appreciation for and understanding of the various lifestyles our city offers and the benefits and problems associated with life in New York. I believe I know what my clients want out of their real estate transactions. The Law office of Andrew Loeb, P.C., can handle your commercial or residential real estate transactions so as to obtain your goals and protect your rights.

To speak with a lawyer about your real estate law needs, call us at 212-268-8707 and schedule your initial consultation. You can also email us and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

The Law Office of Andrew I Loeb, P.C. represents buyers, sellers, cooperative boards, condominium boards, lenders, and other entities in real estate transactions. Andrew I Loeb has experience with the Real Estate Financing Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office in New York. The Law Office of Andrew I Loeb, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to handle the following:

  • Preparing and negotiating Contracts for real estate transactions
  • Preparing and negotiating loan documents for real estate transactions
  • Reviewing and Renegotiating existing mortgages
  • Representing Sellers or Purchasers in “short” sales
  • Reviewing and negotiating commercial leases
  • Reviewing cooperative and condominium offerings established in New York

Andrew Loeb represents clients interested in various types of residential and commercial real property, such as:

  • Cooperative Apartments (co-ops)
  • Condominiums
  • Single family homes
  • Multiple family homes
  • Commercial property

The law office of Andrew I. Loeb, P.C. does not represent clients in real estate litigation. Our goal is, wherever possible, to avoid litigation; it is often a time consuming and costly method of dealing with disputes. However, no matter how well a real estate attorney does his job, the possibility that litigation will become necessary exists. Real estate litigation can arise because of closing disputes between buyers and sellers, lease disputes between landlords and tenants as well as from commitment disputes with banks. It is our philosophy that a client is best served by having an expert in the field represent them; this is why Andrew I. Loeb, P.C. limits itself to transactional real estate matters. If a client of Andrew Loeb requires counsel for litigation, that client is referred to several experts in the area of litigation their case requires. However, that client is not abandoned; Andrew Loeb will remain available to both his client and the litigator for any assistance that he can provide.